Early Dismissal

Monday December 11, 2017 - KG, grade one, and grade two students will be dismissed at 11 a.m.  All other grades will be dismissed at 12 p.m.

Greenfield College

That they may have an alternative

School Life



The school offers broad range of activities that help students learn new skills, gain self confidencs, serve their community,and have fun.



Awards 2015


American University of Beirut

Science and Maths Fair

First prize Technology Invention – KG – Clean and Dry

Bassel Kanji
Rayan Hachem
Joelle Jabak
Ahmad Assad

Third prize Technology Invention - Elem - My Smart Practical Sink

Youssef Dhayn
Mia Hijazi
Ali El Hadi Kawtharani
Rola Atwi

First prize Math - Elem- Math Made Easier

Samantha Jabak
Mariam Salloum
Abbas Hodroj
Dana Chamas

First prize Science Model and Demonstration - Middle School - Nutri Cup

Sima Hijazi
Ali Jaffa
Dina Ezzedine
Rim Jabaii



Lebanese American University

Science and Art Fair Byblos

First prize - Poetry Secondary

Islam Jaffal

First Prize - Short Story Secondary

Amina Hassan

Second Prize - Essay Intermediate

Ali Jaffal


First prize - Science Knowledge Contest
Ali Hijazi
Mohammad Najdi
Hassan Zayoul


Second prize - Biology Concept Movie

Ali Jaffal
Mohammad Haidar
Assem Souidan
Sima Hijazi

Third prize - Biology Concept Movie
Sarah Hamade
Lama Haider Ahmad

Second prize - Physics Concept Movie
Ali Khalifi
Ahmad Alaeddine
Karim Kambar
Oula Joune
Hiba Mahfouz
Betoul Zein

Third prize - Chemistry Concept Movie
Mahmoud Farhat
Zahraa Abou Taam
Sara Nourreddine
Jade Makki

Third prize - Chemistry Magic Trick
Mazen Kanj
Sam Nsaif

First prize - Big Science Challenge
Karim El Hajj
Lynn Sueid
Tala Daya

Second prize - Big Science Challenge
Sara Hamade
Sara Saad
Lama Haidar Ahmad

First prize - Recipes for Better Health
Nour Kteily
Ahmad Alaeddine
Bashar Atat
Mohammad Souri

Third prize - Recipes for Better Health
Tasneem Farhat
Hiba Wozni
Stephanie Jabak

Third prize - Balsa Bridge
Hassan Kawtharani
Nour Chamas
Sara Nourreddine
Zahraa Abou Taam
Lara Chaito
Hassan Salameh

Pay it Forward Awards - Unesco

First prize - Media and Body Image
Tasneem Farhat
Hiba Wozni
Ali Alameh

First prize - "The Permission Song"
Ms Souad's KG2 class with Joelle Jabak KG3


Awards 2013


American University of Beirut

Science and Maths Fair

2nd Prize - Science Model And Demonstration

Mohammad Hmadeh
Amir Jabak
Nader Kalot

2nd Prize - Technology Invention

Lynn Itani
Lydia Kanaan
Tarek Saleh
Mahmoud Zeineldinne


Lebanese American University

Science and Art Fair

1st Prize - Science Movie Competition

Nagham Abboud
Ali al Hajj
Hadi al Hajj
Abbas Jawad
Julia Kassab
Lydia Kazan
Qassem Saad


2nd Prize - Chemistry Magic Trick Competition

Amani Yihya
Ali Zreik


Honorary Mention - Social Computing And Web Design

Zeinab al Attieh
Nour Balshi
Hanin Ramadan


1st Prize/Student of The Year - English Essay Writing

Rasha Noureldinne


2nd Prize - French Essay Writing

Lydia Kanaan


3rd Prize - Short Story Writing

Sara Noureldinne



Heritage Day Competition

1st Prize - Heritage Corner

Sara Darwish
Maria Farhat
Zahra Hadi
Hussein Hamdoun
Omar Jaiid
Ali Khalil
Lara Rayshouni

Meet Our MUN Delegates!

LAU's 12th Global Classroom Model United Nations training sessions kicked off on October 22nd with a full GFC middle school delegation and 13 high school delegates.  Our students practiced rules of debate, public speaking skills, and the format of motions in a UN session. This year's slogan is "Change Starts From Within" and we can't wait to see what this enthusiastic group of delegates does!

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