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Recycling Project

Reem Iskandar (Grade 9) explains the recycling project to the first grade students. High school classes have delivered recycling boxes and explained proper sorting techniques to every class in the school.

Mini Lab Exceeds Students' Expectations

Students in grades 1 – 3 have been excited about the opening of their very own science lab but were awed when they walked into the colorful, interactive learning space for the first time.  The lab has areas for practical investigation, research and hands on activities. The mini lab has been developed to give students early exposure to the scientific method and math.

Parent Training session 2015

Parents of 4th to 8th graders learned just what it means when the schedule says practical investigation.  They got a little hands on practice with an experiment designed to illustrate the effects of air pressure. At Greenfield College, the emphasis is always on lab work with real life applications.

AUB Science Fair

GFC Students won four prizes at the AUB Science, Math, and Technology Fair this year. They secured one First Prize, Two Second Prizes and one Third Prize.

We are very proud of their achievements. Click on read more for a list of prizes and names of the winners

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