Greenfield College

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In 1960, a group of educators set out to establish an exemplary school where body and mind were challenged to produce able-minded, well-rounded students. The school was built amid a forest of pine trees, hence the name, Greenfield College.

The forest has since been cut down, but the trees in our playground and our mission remain.



Our Vision

To nurture able-minded and able bodied students, morally brought up, to relate to their community, their fellow citizens, and their society.

To create the appropriate atmosphere under which the personality of each individual can develop, and through which talents have space to breathe in parallel with the body.

To instill the concept of team-building whilst ensuring that each student maintains his/her own personality.


Our Mission

To build a scholastic institute along with modern concepts of education while preserving the cultural heritage of the country.

Hence a curriculum that incorporates three essential components: a host of cultural and social activities; the teaching of modern languages; and a comprehensive, well designed sports, social and extra-curricular program.

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