Early Dismissal

Monday December 11, 2017 - KG, grade one, and grade two students will be dismissed at 11 a.m.  All other grades will be dismissed at 12 p.m.

Greenfield College

That they may have an alternative

GFC Wins at LAU!

The winners of the LAU Arts and Science Fairs are as follows: Philosophy: First Prize - Reem Iskandar, Rami Suleiman, Ahmad El Hajj Ali, Big Science Challenge: First Prize (Int.)- Bassel Saad, Hadi Alaadine, Hashem Souied, Big Science Challenge: Third Prize (HS) - Reem Jibaii, Leen Souied, Yasmina El Farr Razane Zarour, French Essay: Second Prize - Sarah Nassar, Recipes for Better Health: Third Prize - Carla Hakim, Aya Farhat, Water Conservation: Second Prize - Rola Atwi, Mohamad Hamdan, Ali Najii, Poster Design: First Prize - Tala Dia, Poster Design: Third Prize - Nour Ezzeddine Laugh Factor: Third Prize - Hussein Safa


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