Greenfield College

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GFC Wins at LAU!

The winners of the LAU Arts and Science Fairs are as follows: Philosophy: First Prize - Reem Iskandar, Rami Suleiman, Ahmad El Hajj Ali, Big Science Challenge: First Prize (Int.)- Bassel Saad, Hadi Alaadine, Hashem Souied, Big Science Challenge: Third Prize (HS) - Reem Jibaii, Leen Souied, Yasmina El Farr Razane Zarour, French Essay: Second Prize - Sarah Nassar, Recipes for Better Health: Third Prize - Carla Hakim, Aya Farhat, Water Conservation: Second Prize - Rola Atwi, Mohamad Hamdan, Ali Najii, Poster Design: First Prize - Tala Dia, Poster Design: Third Prize - Nour Ezzeddine Laugh Factor: Third Prize - Hussein Safa


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