Early Dismissal

Monday December 11, 2017 - KG, grade one, and grade two students will be dismissed at 11 a.m.  All other grades will be dismissed at 12 p.m.

Greenfield College

That they may have an alternative




The uniform of the student should  always be clean and tidy.

The student should follow all personal hygiene tips and elementary students will be subjected to regular hygiene check by the advisory teachers.

The student should also keep his books and copybooks clean. Any student with dirty or untidy copybooks will be asked to rewrite all notes in a new copybook.

The hair of girl should be kept tied and that of boys should be kept short and neat.

The hair should be kept clean. Regular checks for head lice will be done for lower grade students.

The use of hair colorants is not allowed.

Boys should keep their beards shaved.

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