Greenfield College

That they may have an alternative

Tests and exams



1-Students should arrive fully prepared for all exams and tests. Any distraction caused due to the borrowing of material will subject the student to possible expulsion from the test room.

2-Students are not allowed to leave their seat or turn around as they sit for the exam.

3-Submitting a blank answer sheet is considered a disobedience and a major offense that will be subjected to a written warning.

4-Any student who comes late to a test without a laissez-passer from the academic director will not be allowed to sit for test.

5-Students are not allowed to go to the bathroom during a test.

6-Any student who cheats on any test will be given a failing grade.

7-Make-up tests are not allowed for students absent from an exam without proper justification and will result in a failing grade.

8-Parents should inform the administration about their intention to travel, at least 15 days ahead of time.

9-The student is responsible to catch up on all work missed during the travel period.

10-The student should sit for a make-up exam before he/she travels in the summer, or he will be considered to have a grade of zero.

11- Any student who has to travel, though he has a summer school, should sit for a make-up exam.

12- The school discourages traveling during school days.

13- Physical Appearance

14- The student should wear the school uniform on school campus and in all school exhibitions (science fair- art fair etc).

15-The school uniform has to be well pressed and should be in good shape (clean- not torn- not so tight etc)

16-The students are not allowed to wear the sports uniform unless they have sports.

17-The students are not allowed to go to the lab without a lab coat.

18-Wearing short skirts, tight, and provocative clothing is not allowed in school.

19-Hats are not allowed in school.


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